Best Chicken Rice In Singapore – IMM Kopitiam

The best chicken rice in Singapore can be considered one of the holy grails for foodies in this food paradise of South East Asia. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of chicken rice stalls and hawkers in Singapore, served from the simple hawker centres to the expensive restaurants. It is a staple of many Singaporeans [...]

Jobs Credit Scheme – No Way To Prevent Abuse?

Can the Jobs Credit Scheme be abused? Is there any way to prevent abuse of the Jobs Credit Scheme which is being used by the Singapore government that apparently helps businesses and saves jobs, which in essence does not appear to be any different from the way the US government came up with schemes like [...]

Michael Jackson Is Dead

Michael Jackson is dead and when I heard that the King of Pop has passed away this morning (SG time) at the age of 50, I did feel some sadness in my heart. The world dominating pop artist who gave us “Thriller” and told us to “Beat It”, who told us “Don’t Stop ‘Till You [...]

Singapore Night Safari Tour Packages – Places To Visit In Singapore

Singapore has a lot of firsts, and one of them is the first wildlife park known as the Singapore Night Safari that was ever built in the world specially for people to visit at night to watch the creatures of the night whether independently or on tour packages, especially those which are active during those [...]